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Abstracts and Posters

Are you a graduate student, postdoctoral trainee or clinical research fellow on a Terry Fox-funded project or program? The Terry Fox Research Institute invites you to compete for a travel award to attend our 7th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) to be held in Vancouver, BC from Thursday, May 12 to Friday, May 13, 2016. 

All investigators and other non-trainees attending the ASM are also welcome to submit abstracts and posters for viewing at the meeting.

The abstract submission deadline has passed and all trainees and their supervisors have now been informed of the selection outcome.

Guidelines and Templates

Trainee Rapid-Fire Talks and Attended Poster Session

This year TFRI will hold a Rapid-Fire Talks Session and an Attended Poster Session on Thursday May 12. Please note: There will be no selection process at the meeting for an oral poster presentation plenary. Our Rapid-Fire Talks Session will enable all trainees to present a poster as well as give a brief talk at the meeting.


This year we will hold a 90-minute session for Trainee Rapid-Fire Talks. This will provide the opportunity for all trainees to present a talk on their poster.

For this session, trainees must come prepared to give a five-minute slide presentation about their poster in a small-room/group format. The audience for these sessions will include fellow trainees and meeting attendees. Each group will be chaired by two moderators, who will lead discussion and questions from the audience. Presenters should be ready to respond to questions.

Slide presentation instructions: All talks are limited to 5 minutes each. We recommend that you spend no more than one slide on background material to introduce yourself and the topic of your research. Prepare four slides that summarize your key findings and critical data.


Following the Rapid-Fire Talks Session, a 90-minute Attended Poster Session and Reception will be held so that all meeting attendees can view trainee posters. The first half of this session will be attended by even-numbered poster presenters; the second half will be attended by the odd-numbered poster presenters.

*All trainees attending the meeting are required to present a poster. Attendance at the Rapid-Fire Talks Session is also required, although giving an oral slide presentation is optional. We urge all trainees to participate.

Poster Template

TFRI has a poster template for presenters to use at the ASM.

Poster Size:
1.    The template is set up as 40 x 40 inches. You should print it to this size and ask your printing service to ensure edge-to-edge printing, so that the red bar is at the edge of the paper.
2.    If you do not have access to a printing service to print at this size, you can create your poster using the template and tile print over several smaller pages and tape them together, resulting in a poster of 40 x 40 inches. Make sure to trim any excess white paper.

1.    Other logos added to the poster should not be larger than the TFRI logo and, if appropriate, placed on the bottom.
2.    The red bar should not be covered up.

1.    Illustrations and tables enhance the impact and effectiveness of the presentation.
2.    Ensure that all typewritten material is legible from a distance of approximately 6 feet.
3.    Posters should be focused; limit the number of details on the poster itself.

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