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Ontario cancer research community gathers together for TFRI-Ontario Node Symposium

In December we attended the TFRI Ontario Node Symposium at the MaRs collaboration centre in downtown Toronto. Part of our research work is supported by TFRI and as post-doctoral fellows researching ovarian and pancreatic cancer it was an amazing experience. Meeting the other scientists shows how TFRI strongly contributes to cancer research all across Ontario and Canada. It was inspiring to see talks from Dr Sonenberg and Dr Schlessinger as keynote speakers, as well as other outstanding researchers and short talks from other post-doctoral fellows involved in the battle against cancer.

The symposium gathered a number of scientists from different research backgrounds, but who have a common goal: effective cancer therapy. The day was split into two sessions. The first presented discoveries mostly related to tumour models that help to understand and track cancer development and behaviour. The second part addressed different therapeutic approaches and also presented new discoveries in cell signaling and molecular regulation in cancer.

We were excited to see the different approaches used by researchers to tackle cancer, such as immunotherapy and synthetic antibodies. Cancer researchers often focus on a specific area of study, which can sometimes restrict our field of vision and knowledge. We believe events like the symposium day help us to broaden our understanding of cancer research and alert us to new translational medicine perspectives. The symposium helped us feel part of the larger Ontario scientific community and allowed us to meet with other PIs and post-doctoral trainees and discuss collaborative efforts that can enhance future TFRI projects.

The TFRI-Ontario Node Symposium was a great opportunity to open up our minds to new innovative techniques being developed for cancer detection and treatment.  We look forward to next year’s meeting.

Fabrice Sircoulomb and Maria José Sandi
Post-doctoral fellows
Princess Margaret Cancer Center, University Health Network, Toronto

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