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Our Work

We know more about cancer today thanks to the biological, molecular and genomic discoveries, new technologies, tests and treatments made possible with research funding from The Terry Fox Foundation and through the translational work undertaken by TFRI. As a result, we have better ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer today. This is helping cancer patients to live, to live longer and with a better quality of life.

There are three areas of Terry Fox research funding: the discovery and development of new knowledge and technologies; translating discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic for the benefit of cancer patients; training and supporting the future leaders of cancer research.

Discovery Programs

The discovery and development of new knowledge and technologies

Translational Projects

Translating discoveries from the laboratory to the medical clinic

Building Capacity

Investing in our future generation of cancer researchers

Video Gallery

Videos about TFRI and our research programs

Patient Stories

Read about patients involved with our research studies

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