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Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grants (PPGs)

The Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project Grants is a long‐standing program involving the best cancer researchers in Canada. These programs support Canadian research teams exploring new frontiers in cancer research (i.e., breakthrough and transformative biomedical, clinical and translational research which may form the basis for innovative cancer prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment).

2019 Competition

A Request for Applications (RFA) is issued annually. The 2019 competition is now in progress and more information can be found on the Terry Fox New Frontiers Program (2019) page.

Please refer to the table below for the current list of Terry Fox New Frontiers Program Project grants. Detailed information for each project can be found in the Canadian Research Information System (CRIS) database.

Exploiting Pathogenic Mechanisms in Acute Leukemia for Clinical Translation   2017-2022  Karsan, Aly
Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium (COVCo)  2017-2022  Bell, John
Nanoparticle-Enhanced Photoacoustic Imaging for Cancer Localization and Therapeutic Guidance  2017-2022  Zheng, Gang
Delineating Therapeutic Opportunities in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer  2016-2019  Lupien, Mathieu 
Targeting clonal heterogeneity in treatment-refractory glioblastoma with novel and empiric immunotherapies   2016-2019  Singh, Sheila
Targeting the Hippo Signaling Network in Cancer
2016-2019  Wrana, Jeff 
Targeting the adaptive molecular landscape in castrate-resistant prostate cancer
2016-2021 Gleave, Martin 
Overcoming Treatment Failure in Lymphoid Cancers 2016-2021 Connors, Joseph
Development of Stemness-Based Prognostic Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets 2015-2020 Dick, John
Oncometabolism and the Molecular Pathways that Fuel Cancer 2015-2019 Giguere, Vincent
Killing the Hydra: genetic dissection of actionable targets required for maintenance of metastatic disease 2011-2019 Egan, Sean
A research pipeline for hypoxia-directed precision cancer medicine 1999-2019 Bristow, Robert; Wouters, Bradly
Li-Fraumeni Syndrome: Applying Genetic Determinants of Cancer Risk to Cancer Surveillance and Prevention 2015-2018 Malkin, David
Discovery and Therapeutic Development of Antibody-Based Targets in Oncology 2015-2018 Jones, Steven
Genomics of forme fruste tumours: new vistas on cancer biology and management 2010-2018 Huntsman, David
Ultrasound and MRI for cancer therapy
 2014-2017 Czarnota, Gregory

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