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Biomarker Project Selection Process

  1. Pan-Canadian Biomarker Workshop
    TFRI held a Pan-Canadian Biomarker Workshop in Toronto on October 27-28, 2007. Workshop participants included many of the leading cancer researchers from across Canada. A number of project ideas were discussed, and champions were identified for a number of cancers. Champions were encouraged to hold additional tumour site-specific workshops with members of the Canadian cancer research community to identify high-impact translational cancer research projects. A report on the workshop is available here.
  2. Pan-Canadian Biomarker Project Summaries
    Tumour-site Champions were invited to submit short cancer biomarker project summaries for iterative review by the Institute's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee may recommend to the Scientific Director to (a) reject the project, (b) request substantive changes to the project, or (c) invite researchers to prepare and submit a business plan for the project.
  3. Pan-Canadian Biomarker Business Plans
    The Institute's Executive Committee will review the submitted business plans and recommend either (a) changes to the business plan, or (b) that the business plan be sent for international peer review.
  4. International Peer Review of Business Plans
    Each business plan selected for international peer review will be reviewed by an International Peer Review Committee. The role of the International Peer Review Committee, comprised of experts in the subject area of the business plan, shall be to provide advice to the project team regarding synergistic research carried out elsewhere, gaps and omissions in the research plan, and to make a recommendation to the TFRI Board of Directors whether the business plan should be funded or amended. TFRI actively seeks funding partners for this initiative, and is keen to involve participation in the International Peer Review of scientific representatives of the funding partner.
  5. Approval of Project Funding
    Based on reports and recommendations of International Peer Review Committees, the TFRI's Board of Directors shall decide which project shall be funded within the Initiative. All funded projects shall name a lead institution that shall receive and manage the project funding and an individual who shall act as the Principal Investigator.
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