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Translational Research

A major focus of the Terry Fox Research Institute is translational research. Translation is often defined as research which moves discoveries made in the clinic to the laboratory and thence back to the bedside.  It is sometimes called “applied” research. This area of research holds great promise today for providing improved care and outcomes for cancer patients everywhere. Translational research is focused on speeding up the development and adoption of new treatments and technologies for the benefit of cancer patients and their families, the healthcare system and for the population at large. It covers the spectrum of cancer research from early detection and screening to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of treatment. Translational research has been underfunded in the past partly because it is complex, involves many different disciplines and stakeholders, and is usually expensive to do. 

Please refer to the table below for the current portfolio of TFRI translational projects. Additional information for each can be found in the Canadian Research Information System (CRIS) database.

Current Opportunities

A Strategic Opportunity for the TFRI Translational Program is now launched annually. Information on the 2018 Strategic Opportunity will be published in May, 2017.

Previous Funding Competition

The 2016 Strategic Opportunity closed to applications in 2015. More information about the status of this competition can be found on the Translational Program (2016) page.

Meeting Reports

Below are meeting reports from recent meetings and workshops related to our translational research projects.

Pancreatic Cancer Workshop Meeting Report - September 2015

List of Translational Cancer Research Projects


Multiple Myeloma Molecular Monitoring (M4)
2017-2021  Reiman, Anthony 
The immunotherapy Network (iTNT): Targeting Ovarian Cancer
2016-2021 Ohashi, Pam 
Pan-Canadian Colorectal Cancer Consortium (C4)

Batist, G; Gallinger, S
Therapeutic Targeting of Glioblastoma (with Alberta Cancer Foundation, Alberta Innovates, Genome Canada and others)

Cairncross, G

Biomarker driven management of Prostate Cancer Phase II
Saad, F
Sub-type management of Ovarian Cancer (with CPAC)
Mes-Masson, A-M; Huntsman, D; Provencher, D

  Project  Start/End      Lead
Pan-Canadian Enhanced Pancreatic Cancer Profiling for Individualized Care Pilot Program
2016-2017 Renouf, Daniel
Schaeffer, David
National Science Council (NSC) of Taiwan - TFRI Scientific Collaborations
  Project  Start/End      Lead
Development of 2-[18F]fluoro-2-deoxy-D-galactose as a new molecular imaging probe for hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis 2013-2016 Benard, F / Kai-Yuan, T
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